Things you need to start an online camming career as a model

So, you want to start a career in the camming business? It’s easy if you have the right tools.

1. Computer – You will be needing a desktop or laptop computer. Any computer that has a browser will do the job, but it is better to have a relatively faster computer to make the experience smoother. The programs that you will use to broadcast your webcam will use a high amount of processing power and computer memory so the faster computer you have, the better.

2. Webcam – A decent webcam will be good enough but HD ones will perform better generally and the resulting image will be significantly clearer and better. The C920 Logitech webcam is a popular choice among cam users .

3. Internet connection – A good internet connection is recommended for this type of work since the cam quality will also depend on how good your upload speeds are. So make sure your upload speed is fast enough to stream your cam. A good minimum would be 2Mbps for your upload speed.

4. ID – Cam sites also require some kind of identification, like usually a valid government ID as proof of your age and residence.

5. Payout account – Also, you need to have a bank account, Paypal account, or some way to cash out your earnings.
Depending on your location and the site you are working at, the payment methods available to you varies. The most popular payout methods for models are : Paypal, Bank to Bank Wire transfer, Paxum, Western Union and Check. This is specially true to models from North America and Europe. For the ones living and working from Asia, specially The Philippines, the available payout methods for them are: Bank-to-bank transfers, Western Union, Money Transfers through outlets like Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan, LBC, Gcash, Paymaya, via the Coins PH app and many more. Sites usually charge a small fee to send you the payments.

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